Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes
written by Eve Sutton
illustrated by Lynley Dodd
Parent's Magazine Press, 1973

I know it seems like all the books I've reviewed lately are Parent's Magazine Press, but it is purely by accident. Perhaps it is that I know how to look for them now and am just spotting more. Perhaps it is because they are from the era of people that are starting to clean out their attics and throw all their grown kids' stuff away so they are showing up more. Who knows, but if it says PMP on the spine, there is a pretty good likelihood my son is gonna love it. As is the case here...

The cat from Berlin
Played the violin.
The cat from Brazil
Caught a very bad chill.
The cat from Greece
Joined the police.
The cat from Norway
Got stuck in the doorway.
The cat from Spain
Flew an aeroplane.
The cat from France
Liked to sing and dance.
But MY cat likes to hide in boxes.

On and on like this around the world, one line adding to the next. I know I overuse the word, but CUTE is it. Sweet sweet rhythm, wonderful retro illustrations, and a fun hero cat that likes to hide in hat boxes and toy boxes and jewelry boxes. Two paws up.


nath said...

this is darling. i want a copy! how easy do you think that will be here in old Blighty?

Vivi said...

Really fun! They'd be great to frame for your little cat lover.

Unknown said...

Hi scribbler .Great blog.I came across it today and i felt i had to congratulate the author for this really neat and nice blog..

Antmusic said...

I've only known about Lynley Dodd's Hairy Maclary books, and I've never seen this one... now added to my "to find" list.

Swati said...

What a fun way to teach geography!

Burgin Streetman said...

i wish the color was better on these scans. they don't do it justice.

HeatherW said...

My brother LOVED this book when he was young, and we still talk about it today. Very difficult to find, unless one gets it from Amazon. Another great book you may want to check (which was my childhood favorite) is The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck by Nathaniel Benchley. It's an "I Can Read Mystery" but very cute!

AndrewG said...

I have always loved this book but couldn't remember what it was called, but have remembered some of the sentences. Just came along this blog because I wrote a comment on Facebook along with the comment the Cat from Norway got stuck in a doorway so I googled and this popped up!

I probably will get around to buying it now for a big kid friend of mine. Ok for myself ha ha!

nickyc21 said...

I have this book, I just found my old copy from the very early eighties in a box. All time favourite and can still recite it by heart.

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