Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Books of Wonder

My son perusing the shelves at Books of Wonder. Where else can you find a huge section of children's classics in hardcover? Interested in pristine gift copies of Robert McCloskey's entire library? A first edition of Where the Wild Things Are? Plus cupcakes!?! Look no further... enter heaven here. Gotta love New York.

Still on vacation and will be back on Monday with daily reviews. In the meantime, if you haven't yet thrown your hat into the ring, forget not that the Great Monday Give has been extended until the 19th... so The Country Bunny remains up for grabs!


Lou@weheartbooks said...

What a fantatsic photo. Would love to visit that shop one day.

Antmusic said...

I see he is in the Maurice Sendak related area... (The Griffin and the Minor Cannon, etc...). Very fun. I'd love to search that place for my kids.

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