Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas
Clement C. Moore ~ pics, Charles Clement ~ Whitman, 1955

First off, I wanna thank Dooce for her awesome shout out yesterday, and welcome all you new folks that came wandering that way. Next I wanna say get ready because my Christmas books come down from the attic today along with my ever growing number of red and green plastic tubs filled will all kinds of holiday junk. I feel exhausted just thinking about it. That said, here's a little sweet pea I found the other day...

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

My son has known this story by heart since birth practically, and what is annoying about having 20 different versions of the same tale (with ever so slight variations) is that he constantly interrupts to point out the differences. Still, I can't help collecting every one I come across. Besides, talking away differences is way easier than explaining to my bird-nut-of-a-son why every Christmas cartoon features penguins when he knows darn well there are no penguins at the North Pole. Har.

This one is the perfect purse size, and every time I see an old 25 cent price tag on a book it makes me wish I had a time machine. How much fun would I have traveling back to an old time five and dime... Makes me crazy to think.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought about putting all the Christmas books away for the holidays. I think I will dig them all out and get my little one even more excited about the holidays.

My three year old is the worst kind of interrupter, she has a comment on everything, on every page!

Great blog :)

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

Found you thanks to the Dooce shout-out! What a great blog, I have you bookmarked so I can spend more time here. I feel the exact same way about those little 25cent tags...oh to go back for a day and scoop up:)

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a book from my childhood for YEARS (I'm 43). It is to the point that I'm afraid I've built the event of finding it up for myself to be a life changing, which I know it isn't! In any case, have you seen Miss Esta Maude's Secret, by W T Cummings in your searches?

Burgin Streetman said...

Hey guys...

Mommy know: oh yea... total the boy probably only has about 30 Christmas books, but I do pack them away just for Christmas and then I keep them in a wicker basket right at the foot of the christmas tree so we can snuggle under the tree at night and read.

Sonya: Welcome!

becky: there is a copy on ebay right now... but it looks cute, you might have to fight me for it!'s-Secret-W.T.-Cummings-RARE-OOP-HC%2FDJ_W0QQitemZ200282365946QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20081201?IMSfp=TL081201133004r13333

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