Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green Says Go

Green Says Go
Ed Emberley ~ Thomas Y. Crowell, 1966

Since I've been rambling around getting reminded of Ed Emberley of late, I thought I'd pick another of his earlier works to conjure up and share. His seventh book to be precise. How do I know this, you ask? Well, Ed does something not a lot of old school authors do, in that his Website lists every book he's ever published, in chronological order with notes to mark reprints. (The Berenstain site keeps a handy tally, as well.) Pretty fancy.

That said, this is a fab color book with an artist's eye and supremely fun illustrations. The first few pages are spent going over primary colors then watching those colors blend into the secondary ones, then boiling over into what those colors can actually "say".

On a traffic light, green says "GO."
Yellow says "Watch out I'm going to change to red" and red says "STOP."
On a car, white says "I am coming toward you."
Red says "I am going away from you."

Purple says "I'm angry."
White says "I'm afraid."
Red says "I'm embarrassed.
Green says "I'm jealous."
Blue says "I'm sad."
Pink says "I feel great."

I love, love, love some Ed Emberley, and holy moly is this book rad. I'm sure Kim, Lori, Greg and Jason can attest, wherever they are.

And in a totally unendorsed shout out, how cool is Demco? I can't speak for all the librarians out there, but since 1905, these guys have been shilling necessities to the good folks at your local library. Plus, their book tape is a must for vintage enthusiasts like myself. Just saying'.

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