Friday, May 20, 2011

Goodbye Mommy Blog

Hello to the 20 or so of you who are in the erratic habit of reading my other blog....

After mommy-blogging since 2006 on Scribbling in San Antonio, I've finally gone private. My son's going to be in real school now, and there's all kinds of dirt on there that might be used against him in a bully court-of-law.

I'll be professionally blogging instead here at

Now, when I say "professionally", it doesn't mean that I'll actually be getting paid to blog or that I won't be writing about all the other things I usually write about. It just means I'll be leaving my child out of it.

For my friends who want to still read about the Hub/Bub on occasion, e-mail me and I will add you to the invite list. For all those who want to hear the witty commentary of a late-30 something ya-ya who is trying to get her first book published... proceed here.

And for all those who couldn't give a rat's butt and just want me to shut up already and scan some books, thanks, as always, for giving a hoot on any level. Fear not, I'll be here yakking about vintage children's books until I run out or die, probably, so, happy happy!


  1. glad I can stil come here for the books :)

  2. I've enjoyed both of your blogs very much since discovering them over a year ago! I don't know why I feel so hesitant about commenting on blog posts. But since you're taking your Scribbling in San Antonio blog private, I'll just mention here that I'm glad I got a bit of insight about you and your family through the interesting, poignant, thought-provoking, delightful words and photos you posted there.

  3. Thanks Kimberly... I'll still be doing that... I just felt like it was time to let my son make his own mark on the world rather than foisting my own opinion of him on the world. I hope you'll see how the new one goes and stay here to see developments!

  4. Leaving mommy blog behind as your kid enters school is such an intelligent, responsible and loving act, I have to applaud...Bravo!

  5. Yes, by all means I'll continue checking this blog regularly and look forward to reading the new one as well!