Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome Home, Me

Hi all. I've missed you! New York was fabulous, of course, but it's great to be back in the 100 degree weather of an early June Texas. Those gorgeous 70 degree days in Manhattan were starting to get on my nerves.

While I was gone, the T-shirts came in and they look rad! If anyone missed out and is interested, e-mail me, and if I get enough takers I'll do another round. (Thanks again, Zack, for drawing such an awesome logo!)

That said, while I was in New York I met a very special lady who I'll introduce you to tomorrow. Stay tuned...


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  1. I borrowed a book cover from your blog (The Mysterious Tadpole by Steven Kellogg) for my own, which you can view here:

    I'm so glad I stumbled across this today! I'll definitely be back!

  2. Anytime! Glad the shirts turned out great!

  3. Great t-shirt. My kid loved it and insited on sleeping with it.

  4. Great news Gould... sorry the wait was so long, but I'm glad you are enjoying! I think the printers did a great job recreating all that color.