Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Kitten, Big World

Little Kitten, Big World
Victor and Jeanne Baldwin ~ William Morrow, 1956

I'm almost too excited to write anything today in anticipation of the BIG WEEK we're having next week here at Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves. I'll be taking the next few days to get everything ready. During this so-called BIG WEEK, we'll be highlighting one of my favorite authors, including an interview!!!

The first person to guess correctly in the comments who this person getting the BIG WEEK treatment might be will win a copy of one of the guessed person's book. (And if the four readers I told already will kindly keep their pie holes clamped, I'd be much obliged!)

That said, he's another bit of vintage animal photo goodness to tide you over, the story of... well, a little kitten in a big world.

(PS... no mice were eaten during the making of this book... I think.)


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