Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Feast

The Great Feast
Walter Grieder ~ Parent's Magazine Press, 1968

Introduced in the author bio as "one of the foremost writers and illustrators of children's books in Europe", Swiss-born Grieder here created what I would describe as the perfect gift for a tiny flower girl or ring bearer. From the moment the cock crows on the wedding day, until the children are excitedly shuffled off to bed in the evening, every second of nuptial excitement is documented in blazing color and rhyme.

The sun rolls up over the hills.
He rises and glides like a ball of pure gold, and the clouds are his wings.
The flowers tremble in the early breeze.
In the trees the birds begin their morning songs.
The day awakes.
It is the day of the Great Feast!
It is the day of Violetta's wedding.

Oversized and fantastic, we visit the cook in the kitchen preparing the meal. The flower girls being fitted, the guests arriving, the bride and groom in afterglow, the food, the music, the dancing, the fireworks, the moon... Lovely and perfect.


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