Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great Monday Give

Hey guys... two more days of kindergarten to go!

Tomorrow, my son's teacher will perform a magic trick that will transform him into a first grader, and this morning, he laughed hysterically at his first ever reading of Huevos verdes con jamón. (Yo soy Juan Ramón!)

Let the good times begin.

Sorry I missed posting the give yesterday, but Memorial Day called. The winner of the give involving a certain copy of The Animals of Farmer Jones is.... CanCan. E-mail me at webe(at)soon(dot)com with your mailing info and congrats!

As I said before, I am taking a break from the give for a few weeks as we adjust to summer around here. The next give will be on June 27, but I'll still be here daily posting on books.

Have a great last week of school all you people who are almost done!

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  1. that was sweet pea's first spanish book as well! triple love it!