Friday, April 8, 2011

Update Friday: How Fletcher Was Hatched

The biggest book sale of the year happened today (and this weekend if you live in San Antonio), and seriously, I'm about to throw up. That's what happens when you want to buy every book in a room full of thousands and thousands of them. Just when I thought I was getting ready to run out of inspiration, I have two bagfulls sitting by my desk. Whew. I want to go back, like right now, because there is that ever nagging fear that I missed something or they are gonna but even more, cooler books out when I leave. Sick. Nauseated. You'd think I would just be happy with all I found, but, really, is it ever enough?

That said, I'm going to resist the urge to share something new, and instead, move forward with my Update Friday as planned. Following the theme of last week's update, here's another classic by the Devlins and one of my favorite books as a child, How Fletcher Was Hatched. Updated from my original post in 2008.



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  1. The only thing worse than a book store visit that serves up not even one goodie, is the visit that serves up more books than you could ever afford. I visited a store two months ago and I still feel the impulse to jump in my car and drive thirty miles one way in the hopes two or three of those books that I left might still be there. If the price of gas wasn't so high, I would have already done it. Can't wait to see what you snagged!

  2. Oh, my gosh, you described that book-sale feeling perfectly!! Our best sale comes this Monday (though yours looks better!). I can't wait!

  3. ...and as you're digging, you're trying to use your peripheral vision to see what books the person beside you is digging through...and you're worrying about all the people with all their piles, and all the amazing books they probably snagged before you...and you can see more boxes of unopened books under the tables and you don't want to leave until those have been opened too...and you've been there for two hours and someone's waiting for you at home...

  4. I just love you! There is nothing like a book freak with a passionate eye let loose at a book sale. It's like a lottery for bibliophiles - oh, the nauseating, dizzying desire for all that delicious detritus! You realize, I hope, you are going to have to open either a library or book store in your dotage. Looking forward to the new materials appearance on the blog.