Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Monday Give: Extended

My goodness. I didn't think the week leading up to kindergarten would be so intense. But here we are. I am way behind on all sorts of things and now have an all day play date, so I am pushing the Great Monday Give another week. (Plus, we only have 10 folks in the drawing so far... what's up with that!?!) I might be missing a few days this week but know come Monday, I'll be back, full steam! Sorry kids. I'll try and get a review up today, but if not, see you tomorrow for sure.


  1. I think Flix is a great book (I have a copy, so I didn't enter). It teaches tolerance and diversity in a unique way that kids can understand. I had a long conversation with my 5 year old after we read it.

    Oh and... My son is starting Kindergarten too! Wait! Kindergarten! Already?! Arrrgh. must...stop...time... unnnngh.

  2. i'm not sure if you have seen this, but take a look: