Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Monday Give: Two Year Anniversary Edition

Welcome to Monday kids! This week we are celebrating the two year anniversary of Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves here in the blogosphere. (Though technically, I've been shilling my soul for three years over here.) To spread the love, each day there will be a new guest post and a new, slightly-corresponding giveaway. You won't want to miss even a minute.

That said, thanks so much for reading. Nothing makes me happier than cracking open an out-of-print wonder and sharing it with my son. Nothing makes me happier than to read the comments and come face-to-face with my own long lost memory. Nothing makes me happier than to dive into a bin of books at a junk shop and find some brightly-colored treasure peeking out at me from under a stack of dead Make-A-Sound board books. Nothing makes me happier than finding a book for 25 cents that just two days earlier I almost bought for $50 on eBay. (By the way, the only book I have ever dropped $50 on was The Day the Cow Sneezed by James Flora, and it was worth every freaking penny!)

I just opened a Twitter account so I will have someplace to share links and thrift store freak outs with you guys, and one lucky reader who signs up to follow before midnight ~ Sunday ~ August 2 will win a $25 shopping spree in my Etsy shop. I'll announce the winner on Monday, August 3rd. That, and don't forget, everything in the Etsy store will be HALF off until Sunday. Don't miss out on the deals. Please buy some. I am literally drowning in the stuff! Happy Anniversary gang. So many books, so little time.

(In case you were wondering, the winner of the last Great Monday Give is Antmusic. Congrats! E-mail me at webe(at) with your info and I'll be shipping Birds Do the Strangest Things out to you asap.)


  1. YAY! Yay yay yay yay!
    I just found two more of the books in this series at a local thrift shop, and they are great! You've got an email!

  2. I'm following now! I love this site. As a teacher I'm dismayed often by how bad children's literature is becoming these I'm always glad to find old stuff. You've turned me on to a lot of amazing titles. Thank you!

  3. this is going to be loads of fun!!! by the way, I have been following...

  4. Love waiting to see which book you'll pick to review next. Many of them I've never heard of. Thanks for a unique blog! I'm following on twitter.

  5. I'm following, I don't know if I mentioned that anywhere. LOL My bad.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  6. I am following you on twitter.