Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pop Corn and Ma Goodness

Pop Corn and Ma Goodness
Edna Mitchell Preston with illustrations by Robert Andrew Parker/ published 1969 by The Viking Press

This is one of those books that at first glance looks a little spooky, that is until you realize it is actually a hippy love story about family and building a life with another person. I picked up a library-bound copy at a local sale and put off reading it due to the dark illustrations, but once I got past judging its cover, I realized what a great book it is. It has an awesome message for kids about finding a life mate, and the story really hit home for me as its made up of what being a mommy and daddy is (ideally) all about.

Old Ma she sees stars go a-skippitty skoppetty
"He loves me," she says, heart a-flippitty flopetty.
Old Pop's brains are addled and dippity doppetty
"She loves me, he says, heart a-hippitty hoppetty.

I even like the weird part where a bear kills one of their goats... they have a funeral for said goat... "Pop gives that old b'ar his come-uppitty-oppetty"... and two pages later you casually -- without mention -- see the bear hide tacked to the side of the house. How cool is that!?!


  1. great share. today i needed to think about doing an art project involving "Pop" and the one and only thing that came to my mind was "Pop Corn and Ma Goodness". oh, how my children loved this book. i just now ordered a used copy from amazon!( children's dad is a we got to read lots of wonderful books, tho we owned free).

  2. tho we owned few....oops